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Intersurgical maintain and control high-precision tolerances in the design and manufacture of all connectors to ensure a safe and secure connection.

Using a simple push and twist method will create a gas-tight, leak-free fit, as shown in the video below.

All of our tapers and connectors are manufactured to meet the relevant BS, ISO and EN Standards
(ISO 5356-1:2015 Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment - Conical connectors - part 1: Cones and Sockets).

The security of breathing system connections are greatly improved when standard tapers are connected using a simple push and twist action. This will help reduce the risk of accidental disconnections and improve patient safety.



Our connectors and tapers are included in the following range of products:

• Critical Care Breathing Systems
• Anaesthesia Breathing Systems
• Breathing Filters, HMEFs and HMEs
• Patient Connections - Elbows and Catheter Mounts
• Airway Devices

Our extensive range of Connections and Accessories can be viewed in
our poster which can be downloaded below or a printed laminated version
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                          Push and Twist every time for safe and secure connections
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